patreinhardt copyEveryone at Fillmore Cares, along with the entirety of Brooklyn, mourns the loss of our matriarch, Pat Reinhardt. For over a decade, she fought the brave fight until- ultimately- losing her battle in the late afternoon of May 27, 2015.

All who knew her will undoubtedly remember her tenacious spirit, her incomparable work ethic, and the outright kindness of her soul. She cared, unconditionally, for all of those around her. Even when feeling weak late last year, she never gave up the fight to make the Fillmore Cares Pink Party the most successful it has ever been to date.

We all loved Pat- almost as much as she loved all of us. In honor of her vision and her legacy, we are renaming the annual Pink Party to include her name: Pat’s Pink Party. It is our hope that you will spare a few dollars to contribute towards the ongoing research that aims to defeat the silent enemy that took Pat and so many others. You can donate by clicking the button below. We also hope that you’ll check back with us for this year’s Pat’s Pink Party.

Pat’s smile, ever present, was the perfect combination of wisdom, humor, and benevolence. May she remain an everlasting testament to the joys that life can bring and the compassion that allows us to see its true meaning. May she, too, forever rest in peace.



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